Northern Pike Fishing

Northern Pike Fishing

Pike Fishing Meadow Lake Park

Fishing in particular for Northern Pike has become a popular pastime. Dead baiting, lure fishing, and jerk baiting are effective methods for catching this renowned fighting fish. Northern Pike are prized as game fish for their determined fighting, but have also been a source of food since ancient times.

Springtime lake fishing for pike from shore or boat especially effective. During spring the bigger pike move into the shallows to spawn in weedy areas, and later in the season many remain there to feed.

During the hot summer period and during less active phases the large female Northern pike retire to deeper lake water and area of better cover. This makes for great boat fishing especially during the summer and winter seasons.

Flotten Lake is approximately 11km long and 4km wide with 3 islands, multiple sandbars, weedbeds and rock reefs. The structure of the lake provides the perfect environment for both Northern Pike and Walleye... a fisherman's haven.

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