Black Bear Hunting

Black Bear hunting

Meadow Lake Provincial Park Saskatchewan Black Bear Hunts

With 30 years experience in the area we offer 6 day 7 night fully guided and semi guided black bear hunts. Please contact us if you would like a longer hunt as we can usually accommodate this. We presently have over 40 active baits. Our area has low hunting pressure and has all color phases. Muzzle-loader, rifle, archery and shotgun hunters are all welcomed. All bear hunts are out of lock-on tree stands or platform tree stands so as to accommodate two people. All our equipment is reliable and our workshop facility is fully modern with an extra large refrigerator for cooling meat. Guests will be staying in fully modern 2 or 3 bedroom cabins. A private bathroom and kitchen and common area are in each cabin. All your game will be professionally field dressed and skinned for hassle free shipping for our guided hunts. Please feel free to contact us for any and all inquiries including availability.

6 day/7 night
Fully Guided Bear Hunt
2,300/per person
6 day/7 night
Semi-Guided Bear Hunt
1,400/per person

We leave the lake resort between 2 and 3 o’clock. You will be in your stand by 4 and 5 o’clock. Our guides will help you get situated in either a platform stand or fixed position tree stand and then action will begin. All hunters see several bears a night. Unless the wind is blowing. Usually 5-30 per night. However bears don’t like wind. It does not matter if you put the stand in your favour, bears don’t like to travel in the wind. We will check you around 7:30 with either a radio or what we call the ribbon system. You put out flagging tape about 300 yards away if you want out of the stand, or have harvested a bear. Legal hunting times vary depending what week you come. Usually between 9:30 and 10:15 pm. We will pick you up with an ATV at that time. Once back at camp we measure, weigh and take more pictures. Guides will skin and cool it down in our walk in cooler, and any of the meat you desire. Once cooled down properly, the hide and meat are frozen for transportation. Now you have the choice to relax even more after your hunt, and if fishing season is open, which opens May 15th you can focus on that if you desire. For an extra fee, guides will take you out and take video of bears if you would like.


Meadow Lake Provincial Park Saskatchewan Black Bear Hunts

Black Bear Hunting

Access to 135,000 acres of pristine forest. Over 40 active baits and low hunting pressure make Flotten Lake an ideal bear hunting camp.
Meadow Lake Provincial Park Saskatchewan Black Bear Hunts

Fully Guided Hunts

Fully guided hunts with lockon tree stands or platform stands accommodating two hunters. Muzzleloading, rifle, archery and shotgun hunters all welcome.

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