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Meadow Lake Provincial Park Saskatchewan Whitetail Deer Hunting

With 30 years experience in the area we offer 6 day 7 night guided and semi guided whitetail hunts.  Please call or email if you are interested in a longer hunt or have a larger group to recieve discounted pricing.

We presently have up to 100 active stations.  Our area has low hunting pressure and a high buck to doe ratio.

6 day/7 night
Fully Guided
4,800/per person
7 nights accommodations
6 days hunting
Outfitting Guide (1 guide per 2 hunters)
Trophy Care
Field Transport
License and Taxes
6 day/7 night
Semi Guided
2,400/per person
7 nights accommodations
6 days hunting
Guide help with truck and ATV
Personal ATV (1 per 3 hunters)
License and Taxes


*Please call 306-236-1610 for larger groups and receive discounted pricing.

 Muzzle-loader, rifle, archery and shotgun hunters are all welcomed.  Flotten Lake Resort offer elevated and ground hunts.  Workshop facility is fully modern with a scale to weigh the animal along with a walk-in cooler for the meat.  Hunters will be staying in a fully modern 2 or 3 bedroom cabin.  Meals are provided for guided hunts.  Whitetail will be field dressed and caped for shipping.

Semi guided whitetail deer hunts are with minimal assistance.  Prior to the hunt, all scouting and baiting will be done at the highly active stations. There is no assistance during the hunt.  The hunter is a do it yourself hunter, capable of semi or self guided hunts inclusive of having their own hunting skill and equipment.  Once in the field, he or she is self sustaining in all regards of wildlife regulations, habitat, detection, wildlife pursuit and retrieval.  Semi guided hunters will have access to the workshop, weigh scale and walk-in cooler for the meat.  All Canadian resident hunters interested in pursuing white-tailed deer in Saskatchewan without the services of a outfitter will be required to submit an on-line application for a licence.  Interested hunters will be able to select one wildlife management zone of their choice and then will be required to restrict their hunting activities to that zone.

This draw will be similar to the Saskatchewan Big Game Draw in that up to four hunters can apply on one application and an individual hunter can only apply once.  The hunter or hunters will select one wildlife management zone in which to hunt.  There is a priority pool system with a limited number of licences awarded per zone.

The draw will be by on-line application only, with no paper applications or phone applications accepted.  For $360.00 Flotten Lake Resort has limited licenses for sale in WMZ 69 along with access to 135,000 acres of allocated area.

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